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jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2016

Scale Up and Scale Out Your EBS R12.2 Application Tier in Oracle Cloud

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 is built upon a logical three-tier architecture. The flexibility of the EBS architecture enables to meet your performance, scalability and high availability requirements by adding nodes and/or services to your environment, whether on-premises or on Oracle Cloud.

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 Application Technology Stack

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 introduced Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) as part of the application tier technology stack, deploying a dedicated WLS domain with associated clusters of managed servers that include:
  • oacore - provides core functionality in EBS application tier Java code, including OAF based functionality for EBS products
  • oafm - supports web services, Secure Search and Oracle Transport Agent
  • forms - provides Oracle forms functionality

EBS 12.2 WLS Scale Up 

Scale up for R12.2 WLS means adding managed servers to existing clusters on an existing EBS node.
You can scale up your R12.2 WLS managed servers in Oracle Compute Cloud Service (hereafter referred to as Compute) as you do on-premises today by following our documentation available here:

EBS 12.2 WLS Scale Out

Scale out for R12.2 WLS means adding managed servers to a new EBS node across existing WLS clusters.
Note:  Scale out for R12.2 WLS assumes that you are adding the services to an additional node in your environment.  This node is not one that is currently configured to run EBS application tier services.

Scale Out EBS Application Tier Nodes and Services

When running EBS 12.2 in Oracle Cloud, several different scenarios exist for scaling out R12.2 by adding nodes and services:
 Note:  For Use Cases 1 and 2, Oracle Traffic Director (OTD) is automatically deployed as the load balancer for the multi-node application tier.
  • Use Case 3 - The EBS R12.2 lift and shift process to Compute-only (i.e. where the application and database tiers are both located on Compute) allows you to scale out an environment performing steps similar to the ones that you execute on-premises. An overview of the steps is as follows:
    1. Create an Oracle Compute Cloud Service Instance using the Oracle E-Business Suite OS only image for the new EBS application tier node and OTD node  
    2. Install and configure OTD as the load balancer
    3. Configure the EBS Node
For more information, refer to the following:


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