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jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2015

The Oracle ACE Program Newsletter, December 2105

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The Oracle ACE Program
Newsletter | December 2015
Oracle AceOracle ACE Spotlight
Fábio Prado
Fábio Prado
Oracle ACE Fábio Prado lives in Brazil and graduated with a degree in Computer Science, earned an MBA in Project Management and has several Oracle certifications. He has worked as a Support Analyst, a Developer and now is a DBA in a Brazilian public company where he also is a classroom and video training instructor in Oracle Database. Fabio Prado is the author of the FABIOPRADO.NET blog and various IT websites. In his career, he has always been dedicated heavily in performance tuning activities, both at the application level and at the database level.

In his leisure hours, Fábio plays with his two small, beautiful daughters, likes to travel with family and friends, eat at wonderful Japanese restaurants, watch adventure or fiction movies and series, walk outdoors, and train in bodybuilding.
Congratulate New Oracle ACEs!
Oracle Ace DirectorKyle HaileyDBUSA
Oracle Ace DirectorBiju ThomasDBUSA
Oracle AceRicardo GiampaoliBIBrazil
Oracle AceSvetoslav GyurovDB MgmtUK
Oracle AceLuís MarquesDB MgmtPortugal
Oracle AceRichard MartensDB App DevNetherlands
Oracle AcePhilippe FierensDB/SolarisBelgium
Oracle AceCheng Fei (xifenfei)DB MgmtChina
Oracle Ace AssociatePhil WilkinsMiddleware & SOAUK
Oracle Ace AssociateMarcelo AltmannMySQLBrazil
Oracle Ace AssociateDeanna SundeBIUSA
Oracle Ace AssociateEmiliano FusagliaDB MgmtSwitzerland
Oracle Ace AssociateMaurice AelionDB MgmtIsrael
Oracle Ace AssociateMarcel HofstetterSolarisSwitzerland
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 Oracle ACE Program News
Arrow Bullet IconOTN Virtual Technology Summit On-Demand Replay

All sessions from the July 2015 and September 2015 OTN Virtual Technology Summit events are available for on-demand viewing. In addition, new group spaces on the OTN Community website for database, Java, middleware, and systems give you access to session videos, plus the ability to interact with session presenters and other community members for answers to any questions about the session content. Group membership is free. Join one or all of the groups today!
Arrow Bullet IconOTN Community Website

Are you participating on the OTN Community website? Watch this video for a complete explanation about how to interact with other Oracle users through Oracle Technology Network community website. You can create a discussion question and get answers from others in the community or you can use your expertise to answer questions.

If you are an Oracle ACE Associate or an ACE, participating in the OTN Community is a great way to progress to the next level in the ACE program. Please email me at Jennifer Nicholson if you have questions about ways to be promoted.
 Oracle ACE Watch
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: Oracle Database 12c: Columna identidad o Columna Auto-Incrementable, by Oracle ACE Director Ronald Vargas Quesada
Arrow Bullet IconToad World: PL/SQL Oracle12 Function New Feature – how it works..., by Oracle ACE Director Dan Hotka
UKOUG Scene Magazine:
Arrow Bullet IconJava Cloud Service: Questions a WebLogic Admin Might Ask, by Oracle ACE Director Simon Haslam
Arrow Bullet IconMastering the APEX Universal Theme, by Oracle ACE Director Roel Hartman
Arrow Bullet IconVirtual Tuning, by Oracle ACE Director Jonathan Lewis
Arrow Bullet IconWrite Less Code, With More New Oracle 12c Features, by Oracle ACE Associate Oren Nakdimon
Arrow Bullet IconStriking the Right Balance, by Oracle ACE Director Debra Lilley
Arrow Bullet IconAn Introduction to Oracle Read Consistency, by Oracle ACE Director Martin Widlake
Arrow Bullet IconAuto Search in the Enterprise Manager Through Bookmarks, by Oracle ACE Richard Olrichs
Arrow Bullet IconSOA 12.2.1- Step by Step Instruction for Patching Running Instances of a Sample SOA Composite, by Oracle ACE Associate Abhay Kumar
Arrow Bullet IconAPEX 5.1: New Features Shown at DOAG, by Oracle ACE Director Alex Nuijten
Arrow Bullet IconNew Look of dvt: Funnel Chart for Data Visualization in Jdeveloper, by Oracle ACE Ashish Awasthi
Arrow Bullet IconDynamic Sampling Killing Me in 12c, by Oracle ACE Brian Peasland
Arrow Bullet IconCloud Control 12c on Your Laptop, by Oracle ACE Franck Pachot
Arrow Bullet Icon通过错误的sql来测试推理sql的解析过程, by Oracle ACE Associate Jianrong Yang
Arrow Bullet IconA Warning and Workaround Regarding Wrong Results in 12c, by Oracle ACE Director Jonathan Lewis
Arrow Bullet IconWrite Less (code) With More (Oracle 12c new features) - Part 8 - PL/SQL in the WITH Clause, by Oracle ACE Associate Oren Nakdimon
Arrow Bullet IconOracle Weblogic 12cR2 installation on Linux 6.7, by Oracle ACE Director Osama Mustafa
Arrow Bullet IconWebLogic Vulnerability in Oracle EPM and BI, by Oracle ACE Associate Robert Gideon
Arrow Bullet IconUltraEdit with Essbase: Part 1 – Running MaxL, by Oracle ACE Tim German
Arrow Bullet IconIntroducción a Oracle APEX 5.0 (Spanish Edition), by Oracle ACE Clarisa Maman Orfali
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: Oracle ACE Rene Antunez - Oracle RMAN, Nubes Privadas y Enterprise Manager

Novedades de Rene, Oracle ACE, acerca de alta disponibilidad, la nueva generación de RMAN y las nubes privadas.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: 2MTT A Message from the Future | with Oracle ACE Director Rich Niemiec

Oracle ACE Director, Rich Niemiec, president of Oracle Consulting (Americas) for Rolta International, once again returns from the future to deliver an unusual message about Oracle Database, hybrid cloud, security, and more in this very special 2 Minute Tech Tip.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: 2MTT Implementing a Case Management Solution with Oracle Technologies | with Oracle ACE Leon Smiers

Oracle ACE Leon Smiers, a solution architect with Capgemini and the author of "Oracle Case Management Solutions" (2015, CRC Press) delivers a brief overview of the various Oracle on-prem and cloud technologies that can be used in a case management solution.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: 2MTT Hardware Matters When You Encrypt Your Database | with Oracle ACE Oracle Erik Benner

If you don't want your boss to yell at you, take two minutes to watch this tech tip from Oracle ACE Erik Benner, in which he explains how to avoid database performance issues that can result from encryption.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: 2MTT Configuring ADF Essentials for Security | with Oracle ACE John Flack

Oracle ACE John Flack, an ADF developer and system architect at Syntectics for Management Decisions, Inc., devotes his 2 Minute Tech Tip to advice on configuring Oracle ADF Essentials for security.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: 2MTT Kimball ETL Subsystems with ODI Solutions | with Oracle ACE Michael Rainey

Oracle ACE Michael Rainey, data integration practice lead at Rittman Mead, uses up his entire two minutes delivering this condensed version of "A Walk Through the Kimball ETL Subsystems with Oracle Data Integration Solutions," the session he presented at Oracle OpenWorld 2015.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: 2MTT Using VMs When Deploying Oracle EPM Products | with Oracle ACE Director Eric Helmer

The use of VMs to deploy Hyperion and other Oracle EPM products is increasing, according to Oracle ACE Director Eric Helmer, VP with ADI Strategies. In this 2 Minute Tech Tip Eric talks about why that's a smart move.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: 2MTT Choosing the Right Integration PaaS | with Oracle ACE Associate Robert van Mölken

What's the right integration PaaS for your use case? This 2 Minute Tech Tip from Oracle ACE Associate Robert van Mölken, senior Oracle integration specialist with AMIS Services, will help you choose between Oracle's Integration Cloud Service, Process Cloud Service, and SOA Cloud Service.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: 2MTT Avoiding Datatype Selection Problems | with Oracle ACE Director Christian Antognini

Oracle ACE Director Christian Antognini, partner and senior principal consultant at Trivadis AG, has spent 20 years troubleshooting performance issues with applications using Oracle Database. Recently the most common problems he sees are a direct result of incorrect datatype selection. In this 2 Minute Tech Tip recorded at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 Christian discusses what can go wrong and how to avoid it.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: 2MTT Reuse and Oracle SOA Suite | with Oracle ACE Director Ronald van Luttikhuizen

Software reuse, a core concept in service-oriented architecture, can save time, speed development, and reduce application complexity. This tech tip from Oracle ACE Director Ronald van Luttikhuizen, a managing partner at eProseed in the Netherlands, addresses features in Oracle SOA Suite 12c that support the reuse of libraries, templates, and services.

The VTS presentation Ronald mentions at 2:11 is "Reuse in Oracle SOA Suite: Templates, Libraries, or Services," from the middleware track in the May 2015 OTN Virtual Technology Summit. The slide presentation is available
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: 2MTT Cloud Integration in HR | with Oracle ACE Rolando Carrasco and Oracle ACE Arturo Viveros

Oracle ACE Rolando Carrasco and ACE Associate Arturo Viveros, the experts behind the SOA Mythbusters blog condense their Oracle OpenWorld presentation into 2 minutes on why the Human Resources line of business is such a good match for Oracle Cloud Integration.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: 2MTT OWB to ODI 12cR2 Migration | with Oracle ACE Director Gurcan Orhan

Need to migrate from Oracle Warehouse Builder to Oracle Data Integrator 12.2.1? ODI 12.2.1 includes new features that make the job even easier. Oracle ACE Director Gurcan Orhan, Information Management Lead for Deloitte Turkey, offers quick overview of those features in this 2 Minute Tech tip recorded at Oracle OpenWorld 2015.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: 2MTT What PaaS4SaaS Can Do For You | by Oracle ACE Director Debra Lilley

What do you know about PaaS4SaaS? In this 2 Minute Tech Tip recorded at Oracle OpenWorld 2015, Oracle ACE Director Debra Lilley, VP of Cloud Solutions at Certus Solutions, offers a brief explanation of PaaS4SaaS and how using Oracle PaaS services to extend Oracle SaaS services presents new opportunities for developers.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: 2MTT Aggregating Storage Databases in Essbase | with Oracle ACE Director Glenn Schwartzberg

Oracle ACE Director Glenn Schwartzberg, BI Practice Lead at InterRel Consulting, stopped by the OTN Lounge at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 to deliver this concise tip on aggregate storage databases in Oracle Essbase, with a focus on compacting the outline.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: Oracle ACE Edelweiss Kammermann - Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud

Edelweiss talks about what's new in Oracle BI Cloud and her presentation at Oracle Open World
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: Oracle ACE Director Alex Zaballa

Alex talks about his presentations at OOW: Oracle Data reduction, Database 12c new features, Database Security and latest news about Big Data for DBAs.
 Oracle ACEs Out and About
DOAG Noon2Noon: RAC & Data Guard Würzburg | January 21, 2016
Oracle Ace DirectorMartin Bach – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceMartin Klier– Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorBjörn Rost – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace AssociateOliver Pyka– Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle Ace DirectorChristian Trieb – Oracle ACE Director
BIWA Summit 2016 Redwood Shores, CA | January 26 – 28, 2016
Oracle Ace DirectorStewart Bryson – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorKevin McGinley – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorDan Morgan – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorMark Rittman – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorGlenn Schwartzberg – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceCarlos Sierra – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorBrendan Tierney – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace AssociateWayne Van Sluys – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle Ace DirectorDan Vlamis – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceTim Vlamis – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorKai Yu – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle MidlandsBirmingham, UK | January 26, 2016
Oracle AceFranck Pachot – Oracle ACE
UKOUG Database Serve SIGLondon | January 26, 2016
Oracle AceRobert Lockard – Oracle ACE
RMOUG Training DaysDenver, CO | February 9-11, 2016
Oracle AceRene Antunez – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceKarl Arao – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceZeeshan Baig – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceGalo Balda – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorStewart Bryson– Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace AssociateKaren Cannell – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle Ace DirectorBobby Curtis – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceMarc Fielding – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceLothar Flatz – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceTim German – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorTim Gorman – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorKent Graziano – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceJanis Griffin – Oracle ACE

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