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martes, 22 de diciembre de 2015

All Things Oracle Newsletter by RedGate

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All Things Oracle Newsletter
New Articles
Integrated DDL and DML with Encrypt using Oracle GoldenGate 12cIntroduction to Analytic Functions (Part 2)
With GoldenGate in Oracle 12c, you can perform integrated DDL and DML and encrypt the whole process. Ravi Kumar explains how. Learn more.In the second part of his Analytic Functions series, David Njoku walks through some hands-on examples to help you squeeze more information from your data. Read the article.
Basics of the Cost Based Optimizer – Part 4Oracle 12c Cluster: ACFS Leverages Flex ASM
Jonathan Lewis looks at the high-level strategy the query optimizer takes when handling a more complex query, covering query blocks, and scratching the surface of query transformation. Check it out.ASM proxy instances, introduces in 12c, provide a much higher degree of flexibility, scalability and availability for file services to clients. Anju Gargexplains how they differ from earlier types of ASM and shows you how to configure them. Read the article.
Deployment Suite for Oracle

Easy database source control with Git, SVN and TFS

Source Control for Oracle 3 has just been released, download a free trial and check out:
  • Awesome new Git support
  • Working folder support (for any other version control system)
  • Advanced search capabilities
From Around the Web
Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Released12c Scalar Subquery
Evolution rather than revolution is the key theme in Enterprise Manager 13c says Dan Koloski, as Oracle seek to build on the foundations set down in 12c.Jonathan Lewis demonstrates an enhancement to subquery unnesting that could give a significant performance boost to a certain query pattern but which might, unfortunately, result in worse performance.
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