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JAVA: Application monitoring with minimal overhead

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Application monitoring with minimal overhead


AppDynamics continues making strides in the Application Performance Management space, and a Dec. 1, 2015 announcement at AppSphere 2015 highlights AppDynamics’ innovation. The Winter ’16 Release (4.2) was announced at AppDynamics AppSphere 2015 in Las Vegas, and delivers a slew of tweaks and improvements.

The new release extends the capabilities of AppDynamics’ industry-first, application-centric Unified Monitoring solution, providing greater visibility into the user journey with detailed user sessions support, and expanded monitoring

Among the numerous feature enrichments are:
  • Enhanced Unified Monitoring
  • Application-centric server monitoring
  • C++/C monitoring SDK
  • Improved AWS monitoring and extensions
  • Beefier end-user experience monitoring
  • Mobile/Browser RUM sessions monitoring
  • Browser synthetic monitoring
  • Improved app analytics
  • AppDynamics Query Language (ADQL)
  • Transaction and log correlations with events
  • Out-of-the box visualization widgets
  • Access controls based on role
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