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miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2015

Transition to the Cloud with Oracle Database 12c

By Adriana Garjoaba-Oracle on Sep 18, 2015

Oracle Database 12c training
Written by Diana Gray
For database administrators looking to migrate to Oracle Database 12c, there couldn't be a better time. The Oracle Database 12c platform introduces many important capabilities. Areas include database consolidation, query optimization, performance tuning, high availability, partitioning and backup and recovery. With so many improvements it is hard to understand why a database administrator trained on an earlier version of Oracle Database would not want to migrate to this platform. 

If you are wondering what new features Oracle Database 12c brings-to-the-table, then check out the Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c. Pythian’s Oracle team has had the opportunity to analyze every aspect of Oracle's latest database release and the results were truly impressive.

A journey to enterprise cloud
Making the full transformation to an enterprise cloud may take several years, and will affect many aspects of an organization's roles, processes, policies and service delivery. Many enterprises organize their transformation into a phased approach—a journey to enterprise cloud. The journey implements discrete steps that are each achievable and provide significant benefits. So however fast or far each organization chooses to go, they derive immediate value from even their initial steps.

Oracle Database 12c is designed to enable enterprise clouds and delivers new capabilities and benefits at each phase of the journey:
  • Efficient and Secure Consolidation for Mixed Workloads
  • Resilient, Location independent Database Services
  • Agile, Automated Resource and Data Management
  • Centralized, Standardized Management of Software Images
Master Oracle Database 12c
Oracle University supports your transition to Oracle Database 12c by providing training that includes the most up-to-date curriculum from Oracle Database experts to give customers and partners the knowledge and skills they need to efficiently deploy Oracle Database 12c and capitalize on its key features. The Oracle Database 12c Training courses are designed to help expand the skill-set and expertise of database administrators managing consolidation in data centers, database operations and engineered systems.

For a full cloud experience, view the recently released Oracle Cloud Learning Subscription - Database Cloud Service and learn how to use it to successfully administer your own cloud databases as you migrate to the Oracle Database 12c platform and experience the benefits it can provide to you and your organization.

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