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miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2015

2-Minute Oracle Database Tech Tip: Effective Client Failover in an Oracle RAC Environment

By hamsun-Oracle on Oct 16, 2015

Oracle University Senior Principal Instructor Sean Kim offers 4 quick tips on how to automate client failover in Oracle RAC environments.

Press play to view the full 2-Minute Tech Tip Video with Sean Kim below 

Tip #1: Use Service instead of the Oracle SID so you can make new connections to the instance where the service is relocated.
Tip #2: Use FAN (Fast Application Notification) which is a faster way to notify applications about the cluster status changes. This will allow you to take immediate action instead of waiting for TCP timeout.
Tip #3: Use Fast Connection Failover or Transparent Application Failover. Depending on your applications, you can configure Fast Connection Failover or Transparent Application Failover to automate connections or session failover.
Tip #4: Use Transaction Guard and Application Continuity if your application is compatible. Using transaction guard, your application can check if the last in-flight transaction has been completed in the case of failure. Application Continuity uses Transaction Guard and when needed, can automatically repeat any incomplete transactions.
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