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jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015

Oracle PSU (and CPU/SPU) October 2015 got released

By Mike Dietrich-Oracle on Oct 22, 2015

October 21, 2015 - Oracle released the October 2015 SPU/CPU, PSU and BPs.

For Oracle Database and Oracle Grid Infrastructure access the PSUs from here - if you have only a single instance database you can safely take the Combo patch as you'll get downtime anyways - but for customers running RAC you need to evaluate the OJVM component as this will incur downtime which the database-only patch does not require as it can be applied rolling.
Patch Set Updates
DocumentDescriptionRolling RACPatch Download
Note:21555660.8Oracle JavaVM Component Database PSU (Oct 2015) (OJVM PSU)NoPatch:21555660
Note:21520444.8Combo of OJVM PSU and DB PSU (Oct 2015)PartPatch:21520444

No patch found at the moment [Mike]
Note:21359755.812. (Oct 2015) Database Patch Set Update (DB PSU)YesPatch:21359755
Grid Infrastructure
DocumentDescriptionRolling RACPatch Download
Note:21523260.8Combo of OJVM PSU and GI PSU (Oct 2015)PartPatch:21523260
Note:21523234.812. (Oct 2015) Grid Infrastructure Patch Set Update (GI PSU)YesPatch:21523234

And be aware to patch your DBaaS Cloud databases as well - this is not done automatically


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