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sábado, 22 de agosto de 2015

Welcome to the August 2015 digital edition of Profit magazine

Welcome to the August 2015 digital edition
of Profit magazine

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When I joined Oracle in (gulp) 2000, everyone here was talking about Oracle E-Business Suite 11i, an integrated assembly of enterprise applications that, according to the marketing material of the time, "eliminates the need for complex integration projects and allows enterprise data to be consolidated in a single database."
This was a differentiator for Oracle even 15 years ago--and as the Cloud becomes the standard for enterprise IT, it's a differentiator for Oracle today. This is particularly critical as business-critical enterprise resource planning functions are being built on cloud-based architectures.
Looking at the arc of Oracle's application story over the past 15 years, we've been consistent in our approach. It's a strategy that minimizes the integration stress—and favors the business user. Indeed, it's a very suite spot to occupy.
Wilsonart integrates cloud and on-premises Oracle solutions to achieve operational excellence.

GM is shifting the conversation toward social customer engagement.

CFOs should have much to say on the matter of cloud computing.

Grupo Aeroméxico uses Oracle Managed Cloud solutions to streamline 26 companies.

Progressive leaders are looking for the next business functions to move to the cloud.

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Aaron Lazenby
Editor in Chief
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