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martes, 11 de agosto de 2015

Java Magazine - July/August 2015

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Welcome to the July/August 2015 issue of Java Magazine. We're continuing our evolution towards greater technical content with this issue, which tackles DevOps - the popular new way of building apps that brings joy to dev teams and consternation to managers implementing it for the first time.
We start off with an interview with Patrick Debois, who coined the term "DevOps" and fashioned its original goals. He discusses what DevOps is now and what it's likely to become. He's very much hoping, as are we, that it won't become what Dave Thomas, one of the signers of the Agile Manifesto, said of the Agile movement: "immediately [after the signing] everyone and their dog hung out an Agile shingle and the whole thing turned into a branding exercise."
We then look at how one group at Netflix uses DevOps, including the actions they monitor, the reports they generate, and the benefits they gather.
We then dive into the mechanics of DevOps, with specific attention on the use of containers to hold and provide services.Especially Docker containers using Puppet and Vagrant and how to use Chef to script pipelines.
Our other technical articles include: how to do functional programming in Java by Venkat Subramanian integrating third-party frameworks into CDI inside the CPU - the costs of false sharing and branch misprediction and finally, a little bit of nerd stim: some tricky questions (with answers) from the Oracle Programmer certification exams.
And of course, we have other new features such as an editorial on the problems on the anti-pattern of primitive obsession; detailed, opinionated reviews of books for Java developer; a new section of letters to the editor; and a schedule of upcoming events.
In this issue, you'll we've improved your access to listing. They're no longer stacked in tabs in a separate box, but the code is placed directly in-line in the article, which should greatly simplify reading.
I encourage your feedback, which we all read attentively. You can reach me at
Andrew Binstock
Java Magazine
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