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lunes, 17 de agosto de 2015


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Your Weekly Java Code Geeks Dose

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Python from novice to pro! Whether you're an experienced programmer looking to get into Python or grizzled Python veteran who remembers the days when you had to import the string module, Dive Into Python is your 'desert island' Python book.
Automated testing moves much of the labor of testing off the developer and makes it easier as well as quicker to find bugs and fix them. With this helpful guide - from an expert - in your hand, testing will not be a tiresome topic for you any more.

JCG Partner of the Week

The JCG Partner of the week is:

David Kiss
David is a passionate software engineer specializing in building scalable web-applications using Java, Spring, Hibernate and Apache Camel. He is based in Toronto, Canada and is the founder of David Andras Consulting Ltd.

Latest Article: The 10x Developer Blueprint

Best of the Week from JCG

Building modern web applications using Java and Spring (by David Kiss)
Creating Java web applications using Spring Framework has never been easier. If you’re already familiar with Java and have little to no experience creating web applications, or if you’re worried that all the cool kids abandoned Java in favor of Ruby and Node.js, you want to read this.

What is the fastest Garbage Collector in Java 8? (by Geoffrey De Smet)
OpenJDK 8 has several Garbage Collector algorithms, such as Parallel GC, CMS and G1. Which one is the fastest? What will happen if the default GC changes from Parallel GC in Java 8 to G1 in Java 9 (as currently proposed)? Let’s benchmark it.
  ORM frameworks help developers when they want to interact with relational databases. There are many excellent ORM frameworks for relational databases such as Hibernate and Apache OpenJPA and some of them are really good.

Processing Twitter feed using Spring Boot (by David Kiss)
In one of my previous posts I already discussed how to process the Twitter sample feed using Apache Storm, and now we’re going to walk through the steps of creating a sample Spring Boot application that reads messages from Twitter sample feed using ...

Released: NetBeans IDE 8.1 Beta (by Geertjan Wielenga)
NetBeans IDE 8.1 Beta has been released. NetBeans IDE has a track record, built up over 15 years, of delivering complete and comprehensive tools for Java developers. Over the last few years, NetBeans IDE has been achieving the same for JavaScript developers.

Latest JCG Examples

JUnit NetBeans Example
1. Introduction: In this post I will introduce the basics of writing and running JUnit unit tests in NetBeans IDE. Testing an application is an integral part of the development cycle, and writing and maintaining unit tests can help ensure that the individual methods in your source code work correctly.
  In this example, we will demonstrate the use of BeanShell components in Apache JMeter. We will go about writing a simple test case using BeanShell scripting language. These scripts will be part of BeanShell components that we will configure for this example.

Gradle NetBeans Example
In this example, we will explain how to integrate Gradle with NetBeans IDE and how to perform basic Gradle tasks. 1. Why use Gradle in NetBeans IDE? Gradle is a powerful tool for building and automation. It has many advantages, enabling the development of build scripts that are ...

Spring Data Redis Example
In the past few examples, we have been integrating Spring Data with the NoSql Databases. In this example, we shall integrate Spring Data with Redis, a key-value based NoSQL Database.Spring Data offers a level of abstraction over the traditional way of executing query by exposing a Repository.

Drools Expert System Example
In this article, we will see an example of Drools Expert system. First, let’s try to understand what is an expert system? An expert system’s goal is to help make a decision or solve a problem. Now to make a proper decision, it relies on are knowledge system and the working memory where we have the ...

Best Web Code Geeks Articles

HTML5 Development Tools List
Ever wanted to start your web project from scratch, but never knew how and where to find the right tools? Well, you’re in the right place. In this thorough article we’ll be explaining essential tools like editors, websites, libraries and frameworks that will boost productivity and help you kickstart your HTML5 project.
  The onload event is a function or code that is executed after the page or window is fully loaded. But why do we use it? Generally, it is used to deal with cookies, or to display a certain version of the page according to the user’s browser type and/or version. Here’s how!
  Let me start this blog in favor of backend or server-side programmers by making the following statement:“A server-side programmer (Java or similar) can understand nuances of javascript client or server-side frameworks or libraries much more quickly than an html developer”.

Latest Academy Lessons

Introduction to Threads and Concurrency
In the first lesson of our course titled “Java Concurrency Essentials” you will get introduced to the magical world of Concurrency. You will lean about Threads and how to create them, start them, put them to sleep and more. Additionally, you will get a first look at Synchronization as well as Atomic Access to variables. Sample code is provided for each of the examples.
  In this very first lesson of our “Introduction to Nginx” course, you will learn how to install and configure Nginx in various platforms and environments. Installation guidelines are provided for several major Linux distributions, such as Debian Wheezy, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and CentOS 6.4. Additionally, the activation of various modules is explained, including standard HTTP, optional HTTP and mail modules.

New and Noteworthy from the Community

How Google Invented an Amazing Datacenter Network Only They Could Create
Google with justly earned pride recently announced: " Today at the 2015 Open Network Summit, we are revealing for the first time the details of five generations of our in-house network technology. From Firehose, our first in-house datacenter network, ten years ago ...

Collating repositories or grafting earlier history with Git
Let's add another arrow to our already full quiver of version control tools and techniques. Do you know that the Linux kernel you clone normally contains only a part of its entire history? If you need access to its uninterrupted evolution since the first commit you have to "graft" a few separate repositories together chronologically.

6 reasons why pre is better than post production code review
Code review is very important. You don’t want to run the risk of technical debt. Actually doing code review is another matter. Besides the variety of tools and tricks for the act of code review, the timing is vital.Quora published a great article about maintaining velocity in projects. 

How do you program a computer with 10 terabytes of RAM?
How do you program a computer with 10 terabytes of RAM in a single address space?  When the great Adrian Cockcroft was interviewed for Enterprise Initiatives Episode blog, that’s one of the answers he gave to the question of “What’s the next big thing?”

How Dropbox Sources, Scales and Ships Its Best Product Ideas
At some point in the journey, most climbers — and leaders — take in the three rules of mountaineering: it's always farther than it looks; it's always taller than it looks; it's always harder than it looks. A year after joining Dropbox to run product engineering, Tido Carriero found himself ...

Architects Should Code: The Architect's Misconception
When I interview people for architect positions I usually ask a question like: “Do you think an architect should do any coding?” And I usually get one of two responses: “No, I look forward to advancing to a position where I no longer work with code.” “I’d love to continue coding, at least some amount, but I probably won’t have time.”

Blast from the Past !

Difference between getPath(), getCanonicalPath() and getAbsolutePath() of File in Java
The File API is very important one in Java, since it gives access of File system to Java programs. Though Java’s file API is rich, there are lot of subtleties to know when you use them. One of the common query programmer’s has about file path is difference between getPath(), getCanonicalPath() and getAbsolutePath() methods, ...

Books That Have Most Influenced My Software Development Career
I have read numerous books on software development and have learned valuable things from most of them, but a small subset of these books has significantly influenced me and how I develop software. Effective C++ and More Effective C++: Although I had written a lot of lines of code in ...

Feature Toggles are one of the worst kinds of Technical Debt
Feature flags or config flags aka feature toggles aka flippers are an important part of Devops practices like dark launching (releasing features immediately and incrementally), A/B testing, and branching in code or branching by abstraction (so that development teams can all work together directly on the code mainline instead of creating separate feature branches).

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