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lunes, 17 de agosto de 2015

ODTUG Database Community NewsLetter

ODTUG Webinars
ODTUG Database Community
We have merged ODTUG’s Developer and DBA Communities to create the newly formed ODTUGDatabase Community! To find out more about why we combined content areas, please read this article:Developer, DBA Communities Merge into Database Community.
Join the TwitChat 8/19 @ 12 PM EDT
The leaders of ODTUG's Database Community want to hear from you! Join us Wednesday, August 19, at 12 PM EDT for our first-ever TwitChat! Follow along and participate by using the hashtag#ODTUGDB. You don't need a Twitter account to watch the conversation unfold, but you will need one to tweet your questions and comments. To create an account, just go to and select the sign-up button.

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For up-to-date ODTUG information, follow @ODTUG. To keep up with all the cool tips, tricks, new releases, and more from the Database Community, follow @orclDBblogs and use the hashtag #orcldb.
Upcoming Webinars
Thursday, August 27, 2015 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

Oracle Transparent Data Encryption Baseline PracticesRobert Lockard, Oraclewizard
This one-hour presentation includes how to, gotchas (where data can leak in clear text), and baseline practices for implementing Oracle Transparent Data Encryption. We will walk through setting up Oracle Transparent Data Encryption and establish baseline practices to secure your information, explaining where and how to encrypt the data, and where and how data leaks in plain text and HEX format. We will also explore these questions: When sending data to a standby database, when does the data stay encrypted and when can it transfer over the network in clear text? When using Oracle Streams, does data go across the network in clear text? When gathering statistics on encrypted data, where can the data be exposed unencrypted? As we discuss each of the leaks, we will also review how to mitigate the leakage and eliminate ghost data.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

Oracle Applications User Experience Innovations: VisualizationAndrew Gilmour, Laurie Pattison, and Thao Nguyen, Oracle Corporation

Today’s users have access to an overwhelming amount of information. How does Oracle’s user experience team help you sift through all of this data and make it meaningful to you?

Oracle leverages today’s innovative technologies to build contemporary, flexible, context-based visualizations that allow users to see and explore information in ways that are fun and easy, and make the most sense to you.

Oracle’s user experience team will share the inspiration and design philosophy behind some of Oracle’s newest visualizations. You’ll see what the visualizations are, how they allow you to accomplish what’s most important to you, and how they were built using Oracle technology that’s available off the shelf today.

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