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domingo, 30 de agosto de 2015


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Your Weekly JCG Top Picks

Week's Top Picks from JCG

Going into the Weekend, chill out with our Top Picks:

Spring Data MongoDB Example (by JCG Examples)
In this example, we will demonstrate how to connect Spring Data with MongoDb. MongoDb is also a document based NoSql Database like Solr, which we demonstrated past week. Spring Data MongoDb is the module of Spring Data that provides support for MongoDb.

JUnit Best Practices (by JCG Examples)
There are a lot of ways on how a developer can do JUnit test cases, but overall it really depends on the strategy of how a specific functional code can be tested to it’s limits. It’s the developers responsibility to introduce thorough test cases to make sure that the code is stable and ultimately does what it has to do. In this blog post, I’ll share some of the best practices I have learned and discuss my experience on them.
In this article, we’ll be going through a very popular HTML5 framework, maybe the most popular one, HTML5 Boilerplate. HTML5 Boilerplate helps you build fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites. This project is the product of many years of iterative development and combined community knowledge.

Over 70 recipes to help you accomplish a wide variety of tasks in Linux quickly and efficiently. Everything you need to know about Linux but were afraid to ask. This book will make you a master of the command line and teach you how to configure the network, write shell scripts, build a custom kernel, and much more.

Learn about Design Patterns in Java from a Programmers point of view. Design Patterns are meant to solve specific problem scenarios. They are divided into three categories - Creational, Structural and Behavioral. Learn 23 Design Patterns in Java with a lot of examples and less of boring theoretical stuffs in this 130 page eBook.

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