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Oracle ACE Spotlight August 2015

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The Oracle ACE Program
Newsletter | August 2015
Oracle ACEOracle ACE Spotlight
In Memoriam, Karen Morton
Oracle ACE
Oracle ACE Karen Morton, 50, passed away recently and Oracle ACE Director Cary Millsap has written a beautiful memorial for her that is excerpted below.

My Friend Karen, by Cary Millsap
My friend Karen Morton passed away on July 23, 2015 after a four-month battle against cancer. You can hear her voice here.

I met Karen Morton in February 2002. The day I met her, I knew she was awesome. She told me the story that, as a consultant, she had been doing something that was unheard-of. She guaranteed her clients that if she couldn’t make things on their systems go at least X much faster on her very first day, then they wouldn’t have to pay. She was a Give First person, even in her business. That is really hard to do. After she told me this story, I asked the obvious question. She smiled her big smile and told me that her clients had alwayspaid her—cheerfully .

It was an honor when Karen joined my company just a little while later. She was the best teammate ever, and she delighted every customer she ever met. The times I got to work with Karen were bright spots in my life, during many of the most difficult years of my career. For me, she was a continual source of knowledge, inspiration, and courage.

Read more on Cary’s blog.

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 Oracle ACE Program News
Congratulate New Oracle ACEs!
Oracle Ace DirectorAntonis AntoniouMWCyprus
Oracle Ace DirectorPS JanakiramAppsIndia
Oracle Ace DirectorMartin WidlakeDBUK
Oracle AceXu CuiDBChina
Oracle AceEric BennerSolarisUSA
Oracle AceDavi ArnautMySQLUSA
Oracle Ace AssociateZhaoyang WangMySQLChina
Oracle Ace AssociateOren NakdimonDB AppIsrael
Oracle Ace AssociateWayne Van SluysBIUSA
Oracle Ace AssociateJames LuiDBUSA
Oracle Ace AssociateRohan WaliaMiddlewareSingapore
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Arrow Bullet Icon Oracle Community Tips & Tricks for ACEs

Did you know that expanding your activity in Oracle Community is a one of the paths to achieving the next ACE status level? To get started, find spaces in your area of expertise and follow them by clicking "Follow" in the space banner. You'll see user questions as they come in, and can provide Helpful and Correct answers to other users, moving your way up the expertise tracks and building your reputation as a community expert!

Arrow Bullet Icon Now Available OnDemand - July 2015 OTN Virtual Technology Summit 

Hear from Oracle ACE's, Java Champions and Oracle product experts. Register Now.
 Oracle ACE Watch
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: Unleashing Hyperion Planning Security Using ODI
This article by Oracle ACE Associates Rodrigo Radtke and Ricardo Giampaoli demonstrates how to generate and maintain leaf-level member security settings based on attribute dimension within a global Hyperion Planning application, using only ODI and Hyperion Planning application metadata repository information.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: Oracle Database 12c: In-Memory, Part I (in Portugese), by Oracle ACE Director Joel Perez
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: Powerful and Easy ADF Data Control for XML Data, by Oracle ACE Richard Olrichs and Oracle ACE Director Wilfred van der Deijl
Arrow Bullet IconToadworld: Restore and Recovery Pluggable Database (PDB) after dropping Pluggable Database (PDB) in Multitenant Environment, by Oracle ACE Ravi Kumar
Oracle Scene Magazine:
Arrow Bullet IconMy Journey to Oracle ACE, by Oracle ACE René Antúnez
Arrow Bullet IconMeet a Volunteer, Oracle ACE Jason Arneil
Arrow Bullet IconCommon Mistakes When implementing 12c Oracle Enterprise Manager, by Oracle ACE Associate Philip Brown
Arrow Bullet IconHistograms - Pre-12c & Now, by Oracle ACE Associate Anju Garg
Arrow Bullet IconHCM Community Applications Innovation Day, by Oracle ACE Director Debra Lilley
Arrow Bullet IconI/O Error on a Datafile: Instance Crash or Datafile Offline?, by Oracle ACE Franck Pachot
Arrow Bullet IconOracle RDBMS Read & Write Fundamentals, by Oracle ACE Director Martin Widlake
Arrow Bullet IconADF Basics: How to invoke model layer methods from managed bean (Best Practice to write business logic in ADF), by Oracle ACE Ashish Awasthi
Arrow Bullet IconAdding Storage Cells : Appliance Mode, by Oracle ACE Associate Philippe Fierens
Arrow Bullet IconOracle 12 and Latches, by Oracle ACE Director Frits Hoogland
Arrow Bullet IconPutting Data Guard Traffic on Dedicated Network Interface, by Oracle ACE Associate Ilmar Kerm
Arrow Bullet IconOracle Access Manager Create A WebService for Authentication using Access Gate, by Oracle ACE Associate Abhay Kumar
Arrow Bullet IconObject Type with Optional Attribute: Extra Constructor Function, by Oracle ACE Director Alex Nuijten
Arrow Bullet IconAn Explanation of Methodic Concepts for Oracle DRM (Data Relationship Management) for RDM (Reference Data Management) from MDM (Master Data Management) Institute, by Oracle ACE Director Gurcan Orhan
Arrow Bullet IconOracle Process Cloud Service - Consuming ADF BC REST Service in Web Form, by Oracle ACE Director Andrejus Baranovskis
Arrow Bullet IconCharting Number of R Packages Over Time (Part 1), by Oracle ACE Director Brendan Tierney
Arrow Bullet IconThe Month of June – A Blessed One, by Oracle ACE Director Sarah Zumbrum
Arrow Bullet IconLook Smarter Than You Are With Essbase 11.1.2, by Oracle ACE Directors Edward Roske and Tracy McMullen and Oracle ACE Associate Robert Gideon. This book is the first released on Essbase that covers the version and includes completely updated screen shots throughout the book as well as an all new chapter on Essbase hybrid aggregation databases.
Arrow Bullet IconToad for Oracle Unleashed, by Oracle ACE Director Dan Hotka and Oracle ACE Bert Scalzo. This book covers everything a Toad user needs to know to maximize its value and increase their productivity. Toad experts Bert Scalzo and Dan Hotka share key insights and best practices that any Toad user from novice to expert will find valuable.
Arrow Bullet IconOracle Exadata Expert's Handbook, by Oracle ACE Directors Tariq Farooq, Syed Jaffar Hussain, and Charles Kim

Six renowned Oracle technology experts have brought together core technical information, experience, best practices, and insider tips in a concise reference. Covering both 11g and 12c versions of Oracle Exadata software, they deliver hands-on coverage of best practices, setup, migration, monitoring, administration, performance tuning, and troubleshooting.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: Two Minute Tech Talk with Oracle ACE Director Debra Lilley: Extending Oracle Cloud Applications with PaaS4SaaS
What are your options for extending cloud applications Oracle ERP and HCM? Oracle ACE Director Debra Lilley, Vice President of Cloud Services for Certus Solutions, explains the basics of PaaS4SaaS and the use of the Java Cloud Service to extend cloud apps.
Arrow Bullet IconPodcast: BPM: Challenges and Changes
What's happening in the world of Business Process Management? What's new with Oracle BPM? How does Oracle Process Cloud change the picture? Insight from an expert panel including Oracle ACE Dan Atwood and Oracle ACE Director Antonis Antoniou.
Arrow Bullet IconPodcast: Esbbase Evolution: ASO, BSO, Hybrid
Listen in as a panel of experts, including Oracle ACE Director Cameron Lackpour, Oracle ACE Tim German, Bill Bradstreet, Dan Pressman, and product management director Steve Liebermensch, discuss the BSO/ASO Hybrid Aggregation Mode in Oracle Essbase, otherwise known as Hybrid Essbase.
Arrow Bullet IconPodcast: Integrations of Oracle Cloud Applications with On-Premise Applications, by Oracle ACE Kashif Manzoor
 Oracle ACEs Out and About
OTN Latin America Tour | August 3 – 28, 2015
Oracle Ace DirectorFrancisco Alvarez – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceRene Antunez – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorPlinio Arbizu – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorRonald Bradford – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceRolando Carrasco – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceNelson Calero – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorGustavo Gonzalez – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorAlex Gorbachev – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceKyle Hailey – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorTim Hall – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorHeli Helskyaho – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceEdelweiss Kammermann – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorDebra Lilley – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorDan Morgan – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorFrank Munz – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace AssociateRita Nunez – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle AceEnrique Orbegozo – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorKerry Osborne – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorRonald Francisco Vargas Quesada – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorEdward Roske – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorBjoern Rost – Oracle ACE Director

Oracle AceAlex Zaballa – Oracle ACE
OOUG (Ohio Oracle Users Group) | August 13, 2015
Oracle Ace DirectorJohn King – Oracle ACE Director
NoCOUG Summer Conference | August 20, 2015
Oracle Ace DirectorCraig Shallahamer – Oracle ACE Director
OUG Poland – First Meeting! Poland | August 31, 2015
Oracle Ace AssociateKamil Stawiarski – Oracle ACE Associate
SOA/BPM SIG Kick OffNetherlands | September 1, 2015
Oracle AceJan van Zoggel – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace AssociateRobert van Mölken – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle MidlandsBirmingham, UK | September 1, 2015
Oracle Ace DirectorChristian Antognini – Oracle ACE Director
Paris Oracle Meetup Paris | September 4, 2015
Oracle AceFranck Pachot – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceLudovico Caldara – Oracle ACE
Trivadis Performance Days Zurich | September 9-10, 2015
Oracle Ace DirectorChristian Antognini – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorFrits Hoogland – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorJonathan Lewis – Oracle ACE Director
LVOUG Meetup Riga, Latvia | September 15, 2015
Oracle AceMaris Elsins – Oracle ACE
Infratects Top Gun 2015 US Conference Plano, TX | September 17-18, 2015
Oracle AceJohn Booth – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorStewart Bryson – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorCameron Lackpour – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorKevin McGinley – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorTim Tow – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace AssociateJake Turrell – Oracle ACE Associate
RAC Attack! 12c Geneva | September 17, 2015
Oracle AceLudovico Caldara – Oracle ACE
COUG MeetingSchaumburg, IL | September 17, 2015
Oracle Ace DirectorTim Gorman – Oracle ACE Director
NEOOUG MeetingIndependence, OH | September 18, 2015

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