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martes, 21 de julio de 2015

By Craig Shallahamer OraPub: Do Active Oracle Database Background Processes Have A SQL_ID?

Here's the latest and greatest from the OraPub research desk.

should I upgrade
Do Oracle BACKGROUND processes play a part in a blank, empty or null SQL_ID saga? If so, it would help us separate foreground (application) activity from the Oracle background process activity.

This would help us more quickly zero in on solid performance improving solutions! In a nutshell, reduce distractions.
In this post I reference an entire day of ASH/AWR data from a large production Oracle Database system. I also purposely used my free BloodHound Toolkit and ordered script execution so you can do the same thing I do!
What I learned was fascinating and helped me clarify why so many active sessions do NOT have a SQL_ID.
Enjoy the read!

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