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lunes, 27 de julio de 2015

Profit Magazine- Special Report: Modern Business July 2015

Special Report: Modern Business

July 2015
What does it take to transform your business so you can succeed in today’s marketplace? Certainly, business leaders can increase business agility and accelerate profitable growth by taking advantage of modern trends such as cloud computing, social, mobile, and big data.
Here, learn more about modern business strategies and technologies. Plus, get expert insights into why your organization should move from best practice to ‘modern best practice’ by registering for a new e-book from Oracle.
A New Dimension
“The number one characteristic of successful big data proof-of-concept implementations is that the business has been involved early in order to define a concrete objective for the laboratory people to prove,” says Jeff Pollock, Vice President of Product Management at Oracle.
Digital Disruption: It's Not What You Think
Digital disruption is also about modernizing manufacturing and financial processes, overhauling entire supply chains, bringing more intelligence to marketing and sales strategies, making it easier for people and teams to collaborate, and rethinking talent recruitment and management.
Sustainability: Everybody’s Business
Now, with environmental threats and challenges pressing from many directions, executives are looking for new strategies for managing an organization in an era of climate change, water shortage, carbon restrictions, and consumers’ favorable shift toward sustainable products.
Deliver Or Else: Survival In A CX-Centric WorldOf course, being “focused on the customer” has long been a mantra in business. But never have customer expectations for convenience and hassle-free experience been so high. And those expectations will only rise.
Get Your Talent Analytics Off The GroundHuman resource organizations that analyze data to make better decisions about talent are twice as likely to improve their recruiting efforts as those that don’t.
Three Must-Haves for Mobile Applications“Brands that deliver a poor mobile experience are at risk of losing 27 percent of their customers,” says David Goltz, Center of Excellence Solution Consultant, Oracle.
Leading the Way to the FutureOracle’s thought leaders represent a wide range of technologies and areas of expertise, from social engagement to business analytics to human capital management. Spend some time with our thought leaders to find out where technology is going, and how your business can benefit.
Winning the FutureOracle CEO Mark Hurd shares his thoughts on the ever-evolving digital landscape—and the vision it takes to stay ahead.
Work, Disrupted“There are five trends shaping the future of work, which are millennials, globalization, new behaviors around sharing and collaborating, technology, and mobility,” says Jacob Morgan, author of The Future of Work. “They are powerful independently, but now they are amplifying each other’s value and importance.”

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