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miércoles, 17 de enero de 2018

Winter 2018 Digital Edition of Profit magazine

Welcome to the Winter 2018 Digital Edition
of Profit magazine

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Dear Ronald,
Your Winter 2018 issue of Profit is now available here.
In 2016, the global economy lost more than US$450 billion to cybercrime. That's an increase of US$336 billion since 2011.
Today, managers believe that they are not ready for the growing cybersecurity challenge—74 percent feel that existing tools are not sufficient for a hybrid cloud environment.
On top of that, by 2019 there will be at least 2 million unfilled security jobs worldwide.
So, enterprises face a real predicament: threats are rising and have a real cost, but managers generally lack the staff and the confidence in technology required to mitigate new threats.
The current issue of Profit, with the theme of “Secure the Future,” was inspired by these distressing numbers—along with recent breakthrough announcements from Oracle and some forward-thinking customer case studies. As threats multiply and the security landscape evolves, enterprises need a strategy to protect their valuable information assets and plan for the disruptions (and opportunities) the future holds.
Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service helps cloud-native fintech provide billions of dollars in merchant cash advances.
Three ways Oracle Database 18c can improve data security.
A new approach to cybersecurity that creates a protective foundation for the future.
Nimble technology solutions defend against today’s ever-changing security threats.
Is one issue of Profit not enough to get you through to spring? Visit the Profit website, or follow @OracleProfit on Twitter for a daily dose of enterprise technology news from Profit.
Best Regards,
Aaron Lazenby
Editor in Chief
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