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martes, 4 de abril de 2017

The Oracle ACE Program April 2017 with @sandyFloresMx

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The Oracle ACE Program
Newsletter | April 2017
Oracle ACE AssociateOracle ACE Spotlight
Sandra Flores
Oracle ACE Associate

Sandra Flores
Sandra is a SOA Specialist based in Mexico City, currently working as an independent professional. In her role, she has been mainly involved in several SOA and Java implementations over more than 12 years of experience delivering IT projects.

She became an Oracle ACE Associate last year and is a regular speaker at various Oracle IT conferences in several countries in Europe and Latin America. Sandra is a certified trainer for SOA School, and she also has several technical certifications in her areas of expertise. Her contribute to the community with her personal technical blog, writing OTN articles in Spanish and English, delivering webinars and videos, and as a member of ORAMEX (Oracle User Group Mexico).

During her entire professional career, Sandra has been pursuing one of her greatest passions; generating quality products, perfected in detail and focused on solving current problems that companies face every day.

She enjoys learning, inquiring and having good debates about science, especially in subjects like evolution, space, nature and history. She is also a music lover as she grew up with her older brother and sisters influencing her knowledge of music. She also loves to spend her spare time with her loved ones, and traveling around the world, discovering beautiful places, always looking forward to exciting new challenges and being bold about addressing her fears in order to grow as a person.
 Oracle ACE Program News
Oracle ACE Dinner at Collaborate – 
Thanks to all of you who RSVPd for the ACE dinner at Collaborate on Monday, April 3rd. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

ACE Director Development Tools Product Briefing Replay
Shay Schmeltzer, Director of Product Management in the Oracle Cloud Development Tools group, hosted our first ACE Director Product Briefing web conference. You can watch a replay of the session here:

Call for papers for OTN Latin America Tour
Please submit your proposals by April 7, 2017 for the tour starting in July, 2017. Please note that OTN will review travel support requests for ACE Directors presenting Cloud-focused sessions only. A “cloud-focused session” includes one or more of the following:
  • The demo is run on Oracle Cloud
  • The slides walk through deployment to the Oracle Cloud
  • Migration from on premise to Oracle Cloud is covered
To submit, go to

Oracle Code 2017
A reminder for the call for papers for the Oracle Code 2017, a 20 city tour. For more information, please visit

ODTUG KScope17
I am looking forward to seeing y’all in San Antonio at KScope17. OTN is excited to sponsor three fun events at KScope; the Community Service Day on Saturday, the OTN Lunch and Learn on Tuesday, and the Oracle ACE Dinner on Tuesday evening.

Call for Papers for Oracle OpenWorld
The call for papers for Oracle OpenWorld will be open until April 23, 2107. This year, Oracle OpenWorld will take place October 1-5 and we hope to see you there! You can find more information here:
 Oracle ACE Watch
Arrow Bullet IconORAWORLD: Debugging APEX – A Practical Approach, Part 2, by Oracle ACE Peter Raganitsch
Arrow Bullet IconUKOUG Scene Magazine: Spring
Anthony Heljula, Oracle ACE
Franck Pachot, Oracle ACE Director
Marco Mishke, Oracle ACE Associate
Neil Chandler, Oracle ACE
Philip Brown, Oracle ACE Associate
Sten Vesterli, Oracle ACE Director
Vishal Pathak, Oracle ACE Associate
Arrow Bullet IconHow Many Members for Standby Redo Logs?, by Oracle ACE Director Franck Pachot
Arrow Bullet IconNode.js application writing to MongoDB – Kafka Streams findings read from Kafka Topic written to MongoDB from Node, by Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema
Arrow Bullet IconOracle Cloud Quick Tip: Log In Without Ever Knowing Your URL, by Oracle ACE Associate Opal Apalat
Arrow Bullet IconGenerating an SSH Key Pair Using the PuTTYgen, by Oracle ACE Director Osama Mustafa
Arrow Bullet IconEPM Automate - DOS style automation for Oracle EPM Cloud, by Oracle ACE Associate Eric Erikson
Arrow Bullet IconPBCS Quick Tips – Moving PBCS (Essbase) Cube to On-Premises, by Oracle ACE Director Kelvin Kattookaran
Arrow Bullet IconA Work-Around for Security in ADF Essentials 12.2.1, by Oracle ACE John Flack
Arrow Bullet IconGenerate Rows Based on a Column Value, by Oracle ACE Director Alex Nuijten
Arrow Bullet IconRemove OEM 13c Management Repository, by Oracle ACE Ray Smith
Arrow Bullet Icon“Bulk Collect” kullanımı, by Oracle ACE Associate Orhan Eripek
Arrow Bullet IconShould I Learn Cloud?, by Oracle ACE Director Tim Hall
Arrow Bullet IconDevOps and Incident Management in EM13c, by Oracle ACE Rob Zoeteweij
Arrow Bullet IconOracle Java Cloud Upgrade to, by Oracle ACE Director Andrejus Baranovskis
Arrow Bullet IconUse PSM to push your application to ACCS, by Oracle ACE Richard Olrichs
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: Microservices, Containers, and New Freedom for Developers
Oracle ACE Rolando Carrasco and his colleague Leonardo Gonzalez discuss the how changes in the development landscape are allowing developers to focus on coding.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: Troubleshooting Performance in Analytical Systems
There are no magical solutions and no one-click options for solving performance issues in analytical systems. The secret is root cause analysis, and if you work with Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle ACE Associate Christian Berg's 2 Minute Tech Tip will get you there.
Arrow Bullet IconOTN: 10 Services, 5 Developers, 1 Hour - A Cloud Integration Story
Five developers integrated ten Oracle Cloud PaaS services in one hour in front of a live conference audience, and lived to tell the tale. Oracle ACE Directors Lucas Jellema, Lonneke Dikmans, and Mark Simpson discuss their roles in the experience in this podcast.
Arrow Bullet IconDiscussing Oracle Licensing in the Public Cloud, with Oracle ACE Director Bjoern Rost
 Oracle ACEs Out and About
Collaborate17 Las Vegas, NV | April 2-6
Oracle Ace DirectorAlex Zaballa – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace AssociateAlfredo Abate – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle Ace AssociateAlfredo Krieg Villa – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle AceAmi Aharonovich – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceAnuj Mohan – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceAtul Kumar – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceBert Scalzo – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceBill Dunham – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorCharles Kim – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorCraig Shallahamer – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorDan Vlamis – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorDebra Lilley – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace AssociateDeanna Sunde – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle AceEmanuel (Ami) Aharonovich – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceEric Benner – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorFrancisco Alvarez – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceGalo Balda – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace AssociateGary Gordhamer – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle Ace DirectorGustavo Gonzalez – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace AssociateJames Lui – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle AceJeffrey Jacobs – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceKaren Brownfield – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace AssociateKaren Cannell – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle AceKimberly Floss – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace AssociateLee Briggs – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle AceMartin Klier – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceMauro Pagano – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceMichael Brown – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceMichael Messina – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceMichael Rosenblum – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceMichael Swing – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceMichelle Kolbe – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorMichelle Malcher – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AcePaul Dorsey – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace AssociateRobert Gideon – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle AceRobert Lockard – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorRon Batra – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace AssociateSimon Pane – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle AceSusan Behn – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceSue Shaw – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorTariq Farooq – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorTim Gorman – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceTim Vlamis – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceTim Warner – Oracle ACE
APEX Connect Berlin | May 9-11
Oracle AceChristian Rokitta – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorDimitri Gielis – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceFrancis Mignault – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorHeli Helskyaho – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceKim Berg Hansen – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorPeter Raganitsch – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorRoel Hartman – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace AssociateSabine Heimsath – Oracle ACE Associate
RigaDevDays 2017 Riga, Latvia | May 15-17
Oracle Ace DirectorAlex Nuijten – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorBrendan Tierney – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace AssociateChristian Berg – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle Ace DirectorHeli Helskyaho – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceJan Karremans – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceKamil Stawiarski – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceMarcin Przepiorowski – Oracle ACE
Oracle AcePiet de Visser – Oracle ACE
GLOC Cleveland, Ohio | May 17-18
Oracle AceAhmed Aboulnaga – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace AssociateAlfredo Krieg – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle AceAndy Colvin – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceAnuj Mohan – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorArup Nanda – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorBiji Thomas – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorGustavo Gonzalez – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace AssociateHarold Dost – Oracle ACE Associate
Oracle AceJanis Griffin – Oracle ACE
Oracle AceKaren Brownfield – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorKerry Osbourne – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorMia Urman – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceRic Van Dyke – Oracle ACE
Oracle Ace DirectorScott Spendolini – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorTim Gorman – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle AceTim Vlamis – Oracle ACE
Helskinki, Finland | May 17-18
Baku, Azerbaijan | May 20
Ljubljana, Slovenia | May 23
Madrid, Spain | May 25
Dusseldorf, Germany | May 30-31 
Oracle Ace DirectorBjoern Rost – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorGurcan Orhan – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorHeli Helskyaho – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorJože Senegačnik – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorJulian Dontcheff – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorNassyam Basha – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorOsama Mustafa – Oracle ACE Director
Oracle Ace DirectorRené Antúnez – Oracle ACE Director