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lunes, 17 de abril de 2017

Announcing: Java Coding and Concepts MOOC
Oracle Blog's
We are pleased to announce that enrollment is open for our newest Oracle Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): Java Coding and Concepts. 

The course starts April 27th! Enrollment is free! 

Do work with code periodically, but program by hacking other people's code? Are you new to programming and want to develop a deep understanding of key Java programming concepts without falling asleep in class? Would you like to see how Oracle cloud technology can accommodate the development needs of a project? If so, you may find this MOOC very helpful! 

This is our first MOOC designed for a foundations-level audience. It employs a game-based learning methodology to build your understanding and prepares you to think through coding problems far better than traditional lecturing. You'll learn key Java programming concepts, go behind the scenes to understand development practices, and apply your knowledege to coding labs. This course starts April 27th, and is short - just 4 weeks. But you will learn a lot, including:
  • Object Oriented Thinking and Class Design
  • Static vs Instance Variables
  • Inheritance
  • Lambda Expressions
So click the Enroll button - read the full description of the course and watch the video - and we'll see you on April 27th!

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