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viernes, 6 de enero de 2017

Java Code Geeks

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Week's Top Picks from JCG

Going into the Weekend, chill out with our Top Picks:

Top 10 JavaCodeGeeks posts for 2016 (by Java Code Geeks)
Hello fellow geeks! 2016 is coming to its end and the new year is just around the corner! This has been again a massive year for Java and Java Code Geeks. Our community continues to grow and improve, offering top-notch programming content to developers all over the world. Thank you for your support on achieving this great milestone! Our insiders list has further increased, and now we are proud to see our weekly newsletter reaching more than 175,000 developers. 

7 Video Courses to Prepare You for the New IT Era (by Java Code Geeks)
The world around us is changing rapidly. And as programmers, we need to stay up to date with the most recent developments. Some of the most important trends that you need to be on top of are Cloud Computing, DevOps, Machine Learning and Ethical Hacking. Machine learning refers to the part of computer science that “gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed”. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Significant Software Development Developments of 2016 (byJava Code Geeks)
This post is my personal and opinionated assessment of some of the most significant developments related to software development in 2016. This is my tenth year for this annual post and my previous years’ assessment are available for 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007. As with these previous years’ assessments, this assessment of 2016’s major developments in software development are obviously biased, opinionated, and limited to my perspective.

Apache Tomcat SSL Configuration Tutorial (by JCG Examples)
HTTPS is a protocol for secure communication over a computer network which is widely used on the Internet. HTTPS consists of communication over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) within a connection encrypted by Transport Layer Security or its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer. 1. The tools- Java JDK 8- Tomcat Server 8

Installing Printers in Windows with Export/Import Packages (by System Code Geeks)
Have you ever needed to install printers on a workstation, and you thought to yourself, “If only I could quickly copy the installed printers from another PC, it would save me so much time!”? Well, today’s your lucky day! Microsoft has actually had a way of accomplishing this for many years (a separate utility named “Print Migrator”, which has since been retired), but it wasn’t until Windows 7 was released that they finally baked it right into the OS with the “Print Management” tool.
Top 10 Web Code Geeks posts for 2016 (by Web Code Geeks)
2016 is coming to its end, and it has definitely been a great year for Web Code Geeks. Our community continues to rapidly grow and attract web developers all over the world. Thank you for your support so far! Our insiders list has also exploded, and now our weekly newsletter reaches more than 40,000 web developers. Make sure to hop on the newsletter to enjoy the latest news in the web development world and more. You will also get several FREE programming ebooks, complimentary of Web Code Geeks

Android UI Design Basics Tutorial (by Geeks Courses)
Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Android OS has taken over the world of mobile devices and is growing rapidly the last few years. Android’s user interface is based on direct manipulation, using touch inputs that loosely correspond to real-world actions, like swiping, tapping, pinching and reverse pinching to manipulate on-screen objects. The response to user input is designed to be immediate and provides a fluid touch interface..

CSS Programming Cookbook (by WCG Library)
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the look and formatting of a document written in a markup language. Although most often used to change the style of web pages and user interfaces written in HTML and XHTML, the language can be applied to any kind of XML document, including plain XML, SVG and XUL. Along with HTML and JavaScript, CSS is a cornerstone technology used by most websites to create visually engaging webpages, user interfaces for web applications,..

Contemporary Cryptography (by eSECURITY Technologies )
Cryptography is an enabling technology (or tool) to secure the information infrastructures we build, use, and count on in daily life. Computer scientists, electrical engineers, and applied mathematicians should care about (and be educated in) the principles and applications of cryptography. Download these slides from Prof. Dr. Rolf Oppliger to help continue your Cryptography research.