sábado, 23 de mayo de 2015

My Oracle Support How to use the Proactive Analysis Center (PAC) (Doc ID 1634073.2)

The Proactive Analysis Center (PAC) portal has replaced the proactive hardware services portal previously accessed via the My Oracle Support portal when clicking "Proactive Hardware Services".

Proactive Analysis Center (PAC) is a single, holistic system health reporting solution for proactive and reactive services accessible through the My Oracle Support (MOS) portal. PACs system health reports have become a cornerstone in improving overall system availability and can help to:
  • Quickly identify at risk systems with vulnerabilities
  • Manage risk through tracking/improving Operational Risk Index (ORI)
  • Decrease operational cost by managing downtime that can be scheduled by customer
  • Reduce service request and potentially the time to resolve issues

NOTE: You can access this feature in My Oracle Support if you have a Hardware SI and explorer files have been uploaded

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