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jueves, 14 de mayo de 2015

JAVA CODE GEEKS: Scaling Your App Efficiently: Horizontal or Vertical?

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Scaling Your App Efficiently: Horizontal or Vertical?

A generation ago, virtualization made scaling your application as simple as increasing your instance count or size. However, now with the advent of cloud, you can scale to theoretical infinity.

Now the question changes from “Can I scale my environment to meet demand?”, to “How can I efficiently scale my infrastructure to accommodate my traffic, and if I’m lucky maybe even scale down when needed?”

The complexity of the problem is that CPU bounding is only one aspect - most applications encounter a variety of bounds as they scale and they vary at each tier. Ultimately, the problem breaks down to response time: how do I make each transaction as performant as possible while minimizing overhead?

AppDynamics have addressed this issue on a great article elaborating on how to scale one application effectively, both horizontally and/or vertically.

They explain how they managed to quickly and intelligently right size the cloud instances under the current application release as well as determine several areas for code optimization to help improve their overall efficiency by using some of these performance indicators from the application itself (garbage collection, response time, connection pools, etc.) rather than infrastructure metrics!
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