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lunes, 27 de enero de 2014

OBUG rganizes the Real World Performance Tour in the Chassé theatre in Breda.

On February 18 - 2014 the OBUG rganizes the Real World Performance Tour in the Chassé theatre in Breda.

Tom Kyte, author of the enormous populair blog AskTom, Andrew Holdsworth, head of Oracle's Real World Performance Team and Graham Wood well-established Oracle database performance architect come over to the Benelux for a one time only and unique event the "Real World Performance Tour 2014".

The 3 experts will give live demonstrations in simultanious presentations on 3 screens side by side in a dynamical settings. They will debate, discuss and delineate the best practices for designing hardware architectures, deploying Oracle databases, and developing applications that deliver the fastest possible performance for your business. During open Q&A you'll get your most pressing performance questions answered.

Subjects you can expect are: what do we do right and wrong, real live demo's, how to use the available Oracle stack and tools to optimize your performance.

This once in a life time chance to learn more about performance of those Oracle expertspar excellence should not be missed.

This event is intented for DBA's, IT architects, application developers, IT managers and Java application developers. 

To join this event, you first have to register on our website. If you are registered already, go to Events, log in and register for this event.

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