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viernes, 19 de agosto de 2016

Sign Up Free, Today: Oracle JET MOOC

By Geertjan-Oracle on Aug 17, 2016

A lot of work has gone into the preparation of something completely different—an enterprise JavaScript MOOC (massive open on-line course) via Oracle JET, which will start coming Monday, 22 August. Oracle JET is a set of best practices, recommendations, architectures, templates, and components for enterprise JavaScript applications.

There are over 1,000 subscribers to the MOOC so far. The MOOC will take 3 weeks of your time, the first week starting on Monday, 22 August. Each week is defined by one lesson, which is in 10 parts, each part consisting of a YouTube clip, each clip lasting no longer than about 10 minutes, together with self-study and homework assignments. Each of the two following weeks a new lesson will be made available. Each lesson ends with a quiz. Successful completion of all quizzes results in a certificate of completion. 

Lesson 1, entitled "Taking Off with Oracle JET", takes you on a tour of the reasoning behind Oracle JET and an exploration of its underpinnings. By the end of that lesson, you're able to create Oracle JET applications. You'll have learned about Oracle JET modules, components, and layouts. You'll have a really great basis for creating enterprise JavaScript applications. Lesson 2, entitled "Exploring the Skies with Oracle JET", gives you a structured approach to learning from the Oracle JET Cookbook, which is filled with a range of enterprise components, e.g., graphs and tables, and shows you how to use them and integrate them into your Oracle JET applications. Lesson 3, entitled "Into the Clouds with Oracle JET", shows you how to integrate with the world around Oracle JET, i.e., 3rd party components, internationalization, accessibility, security, etc.

Want to get a quick feel for how the MOOC will be? Part 1 (of 10 parts, which will be released next week) of the first lesson is already available:

Sign up here!

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