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jueves, 25 de agosto de 2016

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Big data has the potential to transform the way you run your organization, and a conversation about big data is incomplete without mentioning Apache Hadoop. Large and small enterprises alike use Hadoop to store, manage and analyze large amounts of data. In this highly dynamic field, nonstop innovation goes beyond the original batch processing scenarios to influence new use cases like streaming and real-time analysis.
Explore Microsoft Office 365 works, and then discover what steps your organization should choose to implement an infrastructure that is completely driven by it. Microsoft Office 365 has a vast array of features to explore. A rich administration interface, streamlined security, and versatile migration options make this one of the most interesting products when it comes to a SaaS public cloud solution.
We are quickly moving away from thinking about a "one operating system per one server" model to one that says "how many operating systems can we place on a single server?" This single but monumental change in datacenter design can be very difficult for system administrators to grasp. Today, we are experiencing one of the greatest paradigm shifts that computing has seen yet: virtualization!
With traditional manufacturing methods, it's not practical to manufacture a single item or short run of products -- it's simply too expensive, in terms of both time and money. Securing factory space, setting up a production line, creating a mold and procuring jigs and fixtures all incur substantial costs that can't be justified for a few items. But what if there were a way to fill those needs for far less expense?
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