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Corporate culture provides a powerful lens through which to view digital disruption. Understanding your organization's culture allows you to see how your team works together to solve problems—and resolve conflict. It means understanding what you should and shouldn't spend money on. It means knowing what excites your workforce and what makes them restless. Your culture defines the risks you are willing to take, the failures you are willing to accept, and the successes that are most valuable. It can be the thing that anchors your leadership.
Anyone in the position to consider investments in new technology will be well served by keeping culture in mind. Oracle Chief Human Resources Officer Joyce Westerdahl and Wendy Cottrell, global HRIS manager, National Instruments (see page 24), both discuss the cultural aspects of the technology projects they have overseen. It's a central point to focus on as we all work together to build what's coming next.
IT helps the human resources team at National Instruments support

Oracle experts are on the lookout for 2015's big trends.

Smart HR IT brings new insights to established HR challenges.

Four augmented reality use cases allow users to see data through a new lens.

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