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martes, 24 de febrero de 2015

Oracle Community Enhancement in 15.1

Oracle Corporation
Oracle Community Enhanced Rewards and Recognition

Oracle Community Enhancement in 15.1

Dear Oracle Community User,

You are receiving this email as a participant in the My Oracle Support Community. On January 30, 2015, Oracle released My Oracle Support update 15.1, including updates for the My Oracle Support portal and My Oracle Support Community.

Update 15.1 included an
enhanced Rewards and Recognition program for the Community platform. The program introduced new rewards, badges, goals, and missions to increase the visibility of quality content and recognize those who participate in the Community.
Feature Overview

You can see the enhanced Rewards and Recognition program features by viewing your Oracle Community profile, then selecting the Reputation link. Reputation scores allow you and other contributors to be recognized for your skill and credibility within the community.

Community reputation scoring is a composite of activity, completion of goals / missions, and locations where you have contributed.
Feature Benefits
  • Identifies support advocates and helps improve peer-to-peer networking and assistance
  • Drives engagement and broadens the scope and depth of knowledge for contributors
  • Helps improve quality of content within the community ecosystem
  • Incorporates fun and an element of competition for participation

If you have not done so, we recommend exploring the new Rewards and Recognition program.

-The Oracle Community Team
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