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jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2014

Information Management Digest Nov6, 2014

Information Management Digest

A roundup of information management content from TechTarget's network | Nov. 6, 2014

By Wayne Eckerson
A fast-moving SWAT team of business intelligence specialists can resuscitate failing BI programs and help successful ones keep up with demand for new BI applications from business users, consultant Wayne Eckerson says. (


Our latest BizApps Today video report dives into's user conference, where BI tool Wave was the big news. And it looks at who's managing big data in the cloud. (

Casino operations traditionally haven't been very data-driven, but the Las Vegas Sands casino group is using analytics tools to try to get an edge in a highly competitive industry. (

The Spark processing engine, which targets machine learning and a range of other big data analytics applications, was a big topic at the 2014 Strata + Hadoop World conference. (

The lack of skilled analytics professionals is well documented, but SAS conference attendees said businesses that know where to look can find, or develop, the skills they need.. (


Consultant Rick van der Lans says most self-service business intelligence tools fall short at the operational level, locking key workers out of the self-service BI process. (

Big data analytics could hold the key to future business success. But many organizations are in the early stages of deploying big data tools -- or figuring out exactly what they can do. (

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