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jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2014

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd recently announced Oracle sold its 10,000th engineered system

Special Report: Engineered Systems

November 2014
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd recently announced Oracle sold its 10,000th engineered system. How significant is that milestone? “It’s very significant because it means that you’ve crossed over from being an early adopter product to a mainstream product in people’s infrastructure,” saysJohn Fowler, Oracle’s executive vice president of systems.
Here, hear more from Fowler about what’s next in engineered systems. Plus, find out from other Oracle thought leaders about why modern business requires a high-performance infrastructure.
Thinking Beyond the Box
“Combining engineered systems to power a cloud-based solution results in a number of quantified benefits, including accelerated benefits realization, lower cost, higher ROI, and accelerated payback,” says Muneeb O. Ahsan, director of Industry Strategy & Insight at Oracle.
Zero-Latency Business Intelligence?
“To achieve real-time business intelligence, businesses need an IT infrastructure that can load and transfer data faster with zero latency, process the data faster with parallel processing capability, and provide instant visuals for in-depth analysis. Oracle engineered systems provide the features necessary to enable these capabilities,” says Satyendra Kumar Pasalapudi, an associate practice director at Apps Associates and an Oracle ACE.
Built for Speed
“Talking to Oracle experts and customers this issue about engineered systems, I couldn’t help recalling my flight with Team Oracle—and the amazing things people can do with our era’s most advanced machines,” says Aaron Lazenby, Editor in Chief, Profit.
Data Driven
Building a successful big data architecture requires a strategic view of IT.
Oracle's Hardware Guru On What's Next In Engineered Systems
“I have a lot of meetings with customers where they now think of different ways of doing things by virtue of being able to use Oracle Engineered Systems. And that’s what we’re excited about. That’s why I build these things,” says John Fowler, Oracle’s executive vice president of systems.