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martes, 27 de junio de 2017

Italian Consumer Electronics Retailer Unieuro SpA Drives Efficiency Through Supply Chain

Press Release

Anticipate Demand and Simplify Operations with a Unified View of Inventory

Redwood Shores, Calif.—Jun 27, 2017

Today, Oracle announced that consumer electronics retailer Unieuro SpA purchased Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting and Oracle Retail Allocation & Replenishment to optimize stock levels, increase profitability and improve cash flow. 

Unieuro aims at improving its centralized supply chain organization in order to support effective omnichannel replenishment processes including DOS, affiliate and online channels. With this initiative, Unieuro is in a stronger position to optimize the cross-channel opportunity to minimize stock, reduce obsolescence and streamline organizational costs. The supply chain organization will have the much needed visibility into demand coming from all touch points and to ultimately orchestrate the supply, reduce lost sales and increase customer satisfaction.

“Oracle Retail provides a distinctive replenishment approach for short lifecycle products which includes attribute based forecasting.” said Luigi Fusco, COO, Unieuro SpA. “We believe the optimized orchestration of the stock across channels will help improve our fulfillment rate to improve customer satisfaction and reduce obsolescence to eliminate costs.”

“After conducting a proof of concept with our data, Oracle Retail gained our confidence to move forward with the project. We validated our choice with customer references in the consumer electronics and hardlines businesses,” said Luca Girotti, IT Director, Unieuro. “We are thankful to the Sopra Steria team who helped us evaluate the market offerings and ultimately decide to move forward with the Oracle Retail solution.”

“Retailers like Unieuro can proactively position inventory in the right place in the right quantity by using analytic algorithms to drive accuracy and visibility. The visibility of this new supply chain organization will help Unieuro inspire consumer loyalty with a better in-stock position wherever they are inspired to shop,” said Ray Carlin, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Retail.

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