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jueves, 14 de enero de 2016

Orapub Updated Tool and Conference Presentation:Incident Analysis Using ASH Data

Updated Tool and Conference Presentation
I just finished significant updates to both my ASH performance analysis toolkit called BloodHound and one of my ASH presentations entitled, Incident Analysis Using ASH Data. Both are now available for download.

If you cannot be where I am physically teaching, I hope you receive some value from my conference presentations and my tools!

Incident Analysis Using ASH Data - This presentation focuses on how to analyze a short but intense performance incident that an Oracle time-based analysis will not solve. New Content: I have added a bunch of new content about how ASH works and how to creatively use ASH data. 

Download HERE.

BloodHound Toolkit - BloodHound is an ASH empowered Oracle database performance analysis toolkit. It provides a variety of ASH scripts and can reference/pull data from local and remote systems. It's simple and very powerful. Updates: I completely redesigned the visualization script interface and made them RAC aware! Plus I cleaned up the menu, optimized the "tick" timeline report and more. Download HERE.

All the best in your Oracle tuning work,

Craig Shallahamer, President/Founder, OraPub, Inc.

Optimismo para una vida Mejor

Optimismo para una vida Mejor
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