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martes, 5 de enero de 2016

2 Minute Tech Tips Videos - Weekly Top 10 - December 14-20, 2015

By Bob Rhubart-Oracle on Dec 21, 2015

Who's up? Who's down? It's not gossip! It's the weekly 2 Minute Tech Tip Top 10 list. (December 14-20, 2015)
No change
On Demand Rules in HFM | Erich Ranz [Dec 9, 2015]
Erich Ranz, a financial IT consultant with Finit Solutions, packs a lot of information into his tip on working with the on demand rules in Oracle Hyperion Financial Management.
Last week: #1
Hardware Matters When You Encrypt Your Database | Erik Benner [Nov 18, 2015]
If you don't want your boss to yell at you, take two minutes to watch this tech tip from Oracle ACE Erik Benner, in which he explains how to avoid database performance issues that can result from encryption.
Last week: #4
Responsive UI with Oracle ADF 12.2.1 | Andrejus Baranovskis [Nov 9, 2015]
Oracle ACE Director Andrejus Baranovskis shares his considerable expertise about creating responsive user interfaces with the latest release of Oracle ADF.
Last week: #5
Access vs. Filter in SQL Execution Plans | Chris Saxon [Dec 1, 2015]
SQL Developer Advocate Chris Saxon takes to his kitchen to explain the differences between access and filter in an SQL execution plan.
Last week: #2
Implementing a Case Management Solution with Oracle Technologies | Leon Smiers [Nov 18, 2015]
Oracle ACE Leon Smiers delivers a brief overview of the various Oracle on-prem and cloud technologies that can be used in a case management solution.
Last week: #10
Heap Tables and Index Organized Tables in Oracle | Chris Saxon [March 4, 2015]
Chris Saxon's very first #2MTT focuses on using heap tables and index organized tables in Oracle Database.
Last week: #8
Oracle HFM Performance | Henri Vilminko [Mar 30, 2015]
Infratects Senior Oracle EPM Technical Consultant Henri Vilminko packs his two minutes with information based on some impressive independent performance test results on the latest release of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management.
Re-enters the Top 10 at #7
Using the Declarative Features in Oracle APEX | Joel Kallman [March 5, 2015]
Joel Kallman, Director of Software Development for Oracle and the man to see if you have questions about working with Oracle Application Express, goes into overtime with his tip about using APEX's declarative features.
Re-enters the Top 10 at #8
Setting Up Your Raspberry Pi | Luc Bors [Jun 29, 2015]
The Raspberry Pi isn't pastry! It's a tiny, fully programmable computer you can use in all manner of IoT projects. In his second 2 Minute Tech Tip Oracle ACE Director Luc Bors gives a quickie introduction to setting up this remarkable little device.
Enters the Top 10 at #9
Reusable Templates in Oracle SOA Suite 12c | Joe Greenwald [Mar 30, 2015]
Oracle University senior principal instructor Joe Greenwald delivers his second 2 Minute Tech Tip, this time focusing on the reusability of templates in Oracle SOA Suite 12c.
Enters the Top 10 at #10

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