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domingo, 28 de mayo de 2017

@OTNYathra 2017 10th June - 25th June

OTNYathra 2017
Oracle Technology Network Conference across 6 Cities

 Learn, network and have fun! 
 Chennai (10th June), Bangalore (11th June), Hyderabad (17th June),
Pune (18th June), Mumbai (24th June) & Gurgaon (25th June)

 About OTNYathra
 The Oracle ACE /ACE Directors/ Oracle User Group Evangelists in the region are organizing an event called ‘OTNYathra’ during the month of June 2017.  This Yathra or Tour is a series of six events across six major cities in a time period of 3 weeks. India is a primary hub for information technology and a station for most software development centres and support centres for Oracle applications.  Oracle community in India comprises of several 600000 users.  In a large country like India, such user concentration is not in one location or one IT park but spread across its length and breadth.  The OTNYathra (Tour) is to travel across the country covering over six major IT focused cities and to bring the Oracle community together, giving them awareness and improve the level of knowledge and increase the networking opportunities in the region. Join us OTNYathra 2017 and meet industry Gurus /celebrities. You will be able to acquire knowledge directs from the experts and get a deep dive into different skills areas.

Be part of OTNYathra 2017 Your one stop shop for knowledge on Oracle where you can learn from the experts from around the globe
Build your network A not-to-be-missed opportunity to meet in-person with your Oracle experts from across continents community with countless networking opportunities, you'll get to share thoughts and hear success stories all in person
Carry back the knowledge Return from this conference with a confidence of knowledge gain that you can apply right back at your work. With the knowledge you gain you can retrain your colleagues and showcase the best you can do with Oracle.

OTNYathra 2017 Speakers
Sandesh Rao, Connor McDonald,Gavin Soorma, John King, Umesh Tanna, Vivek Sharma, Kamal Dodeja, Manjunatha V, Abhinivesh Jain, Yusuf Ansari, Chaitanya Koratamaddi, Veeratteshwaran Sridhar, Navneet Upneja, Anju Garg, Hariharaputhran Vaithinathan, Abhishek Gupta, Sai Janakiram Penumuru, Harish Panduranga Rao, Abhinav  Shroff, Chandan  Tanwani, Karan Dodwal, Aman Sharma,  Satyendra Pasalapudi, Chetan Vithlani, Abhijeet Rajurkar

Share the Knowledge Meet the fellow Oracle folks and share your knowledge in various discussions in a session or over a coffee in the hallway. There is no restriction on where you talk about what you know or what you want to learn.
Be the first to know See the first look of new features in Oracle. This helps you with the knowledge to leverage the new features right away out of the conference
Learn Best Practices Learn how to make the best of Oracle. To expand your knowledge and get the answers you need all in just in one day
 Early bird ​​​​​​
Up to 31st May 2017
Rs. 500
From 1st June 2017 On wards
Rs. 750
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Conference fees includes - OTN Tee, Notepad & Pen, Lunch and Refreshments & Lots of giveaways at the end of conference
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Contact Numbers
Sai Janakiram P, Program Leader
Email Id
Mobile +91 988 022 3160
North India Leaders
Aman (+91 98154 92510),Deepak (+91 76960 49775)