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lunes, 22 de mayo de 2017

AS ONE Leverages Oracle Database Cloud to Publish Inventory Data to 4,300 Dealers in Real Time

Press Release

Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service to help facilitate collaboration with expanding dealer network, supporting business growth and cost reduction

Redwood Shores, Calif.—May 22, 2017

Oracle today announced that AS ONE Corporation has released APIs using Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service, which provides Oracle's latest database, Oracle Database 12c Release 2, in the cloud. With these offerings, AS ONE will be able to provide its 4,300 dealerships with real-time information for over 300,000 inventory datasets. Prior to the investment in Oracle’s solutions, the data could only be published once a day.

AS ONE is a general trading company of scientific instruments, as well as industrial, physics and chemistry equipment, that provides hospital and nursing care products. It offers more than 1.4 million items of product information through catalogs and the company's Web shop—AXEL—and sells products through a delivery system that connects users with dealers and manufacturers. AS One had been looking for a mechanism for real-time external collaboration of over 300,000 inventory data sets with minimum load and processing time.

In July 2014, the company consolidated the database infrastructure—which originally existed in six disparate systems—into Oracle Exadata. According to AS ONE, the integration reduced the operation time by five times and improved the processing performance up to 20 times. Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service serves as an effective approach to access real-time data, and the Oracle Exadata and Oracle REST Data Services can easily develop REST API of Oracle Database to AS One’s 4,300 dealerships. Initially, AS One plans to leverage the solution for dealership data reference, and eventually expand to include functions such as delivery date reply and order reception. In addition, AS One will leverage chatbot technology to implement inventory inquiries via a business chat application.

System integration in this project was handled by Kanden System Solutions Co., Inc.

Additionally, AS One also implemented Oracle Data Visualization Service to visualize 1.4 million data points at the core of the system.

"AS ONE is a general trading company of catalogs and web based physics and chemistry equipment, founded in 1933. It provides creative value in advanced IT and logistics in the research, industry and medical fields. It opened an office in Shanghai, China in 2007 and opened its base in Santa Clara, California in 2017. In addition to catalogs, AS ONE’s sales channels expanded to e-commerce. As the number of products to be handled continues to increase, Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service helped realize a mechanism to link inventory information to external sites with REST API in a short period of time. After publishing the API to dealers in the short term, data can be obtained automatically in real time,” said Mr. Tomohiro Fukuda, General Manager, IT Department, AS ONE Corporation
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