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viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2016

New SHA-256 Certificate Now Available for WebADI and Report Manager

Source: Oracle Blog´s

WebADI and Report Manager need a digital certificate to integrate with Microsoft Office. This digital certificate is used to sign the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code.

A new SHA-256 digital certificate is now available for EBS 12.1 and 12.2. This replaces the previous certificate that expired in August 2016. 

There are four different updates available -- you should pick the patch that corresponds to your EBS version:
Known Issues

Office 2007 does not recognize documents that have been digitally signed using SHA-256 certificates. In such cases adding the documents storage location to 'Trusted Locations' can be used to avoid this issue. Further information is available through the Microsoft document:
Microsoft Office Integration with Oracle E-Business Suite 11i and R12 (Note 1077728.1)

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