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miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2016

Welcome to the February 2016 digital edition of Profit magazine

Welcome to the February 2016 digital edition
of Profit magazine

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As Christine Mellon, Oracle vice president of HCM transformation and thought leadership, says in this issue "For any HR leader, knowing where and what your capabilities are is an urgent matter." I am a believer.

Reorganizing human resources creates new challenges that require flexibility and adaptability. New staff has to be brought onboard quickly. Existing roles need to change. Veteran staff needs to be retrained. Temporary help must be sourced.

The Profit team had to face these challenges at the end of 2015-challenges that Oracle customers also have to face every day, driven by both internal and external disruption. To reflect the dynamic reality of the workplace and the strategies that help managers navigate it, for the third year in a row the February issue of Profit is focused on human resources and cloud computing.

The cloud and a close alliance between IT and HR help Casas Javer remain a leader in Mexico's surging residential construction market.

Overhead Door CIO Larry Freed heard about Oracle Cloud solutions-and knew opportunity was knocking.

When it comes to metrics, human resource pros can't lose their cool.

Developing for the cloud requires speed and adaptability-and a startup spirit.

Business etiquette tips for making work a little less awkward.

Is one issue of Profit not enough to get you through to May? Visit the Profit archives, or follow @OracleProfit on Twitter for a daily dose of enterprise technology news from Profit.

Best Regards,
Aaron Lazenby
Editor in Chief
Profit: Technology Powered. Business Driven.
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