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miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2015

Webinar Online: How can you be assured your endpoints and business are protected?

It’s no mystery. Endpoints are a hotbed for security breaches. At the same time, infosec professionals are increasingly frustrated with the shortcomings of widely deployed, signature-based endpoint products... This begs the question, should you throw out your traditional endpoint security solutions and invest in new technology?

For insights into what’s making endpoint security a challenge and what you can do NOW to achieve greater assurance your endpoints – and business – are protected, join Jack Daniel, Marcus Ranum and Manish Patel at 2pm ET, November 18, 2015 for the webcast, “Four Reasons Why Endpoint Security Fails.”
Topics covered will include:
  • Detecting risk from hidden endpoints
  • Finding compromised endpoints
  • Fortifying security weaknesses
  • Getting assurance and measuring the effectiveness of your endpoint security program
  • Answers to your specific questions during live Q&A
There are a number of reasons why IT security professionals struggle with protecting endpoints. For insights into four of the most common, and ideas for how you can secure smarter and achieve endpoint assurance, join Manish Patel at 2pm ET, November 18, 2015 for, “Four Reasons Why Endpoint Security Fails.”


Jack Daniel

Jack Daniel


Manish Patel

Product Marketing Manager, Tenable Network Security
Marcus Ranum

Marcus Ranum

Senior Strate

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