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jueves, 28 de febrero de 2019

Podcast: JET-Propelled JavaScript ( By Bob Rhubart )

JavaScript has been around since 1995. But a lot has changed in nearly a quarter-century. No longer limited to the browser, JavaScript has become a full fledged programming language, finding increasing use in enterprise application development. In this program a panel of experts explores the evolution of JavaScript, discusses how it is used in modern development projects, and then takes a close look at Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit, otherwise known as JET. Take a listen!

This program is Oracle Groundbreakers podcast #363. It was recorded on Thursday January 17, 2019.
The Panelists Listed alphabetically

Joao Tiago Abreu
Joao Tiago Abreu
Software Engineer and Oracle JET Specialist, Crossjoin Solutions, Portugal

Twitter  LinkedIn  Andrejus Baranovskis

Andrejus Baranovskis
Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador
Oracle ACE Director
CEO & Oracle Expert, Red Samurai Consulting

TwitterLinkedInLuc Bors

Luc Bors
Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador
Oracle ACE Director
Partner & Technical Director, eProseed, Netherlands

TwitterLinkedInJohn Brock

John Brock
Senior Manager, Product Management, Development Tools, Oracle, Seattle, WA

TwitterLinkedIn  Daniel Curtis

Daniel Curtis
Oracle Front End Developer, Griffiths Waite, UK

TwitterLinkedIn    Additional Resources

Coming Soon
  • DevOps, Streaming, Liquid Software, and Observability. Featuring panelists Baruch Sadogursky, Leonid Igolnik, and Viktor Gamov
  • Polyglot Programming and GraalVM. Featuring panelists Rodrigo Botafogo, Roberto Cortez, Dr. Chris Seaton, Oleg Selajev.
  • Serverless and the Fn Project. A discussion of where Serverless fits in the IT landscape. Panelists TBD panel.
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