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lunes, 1 de julio de 2013

This Week's Original Content From The Linux Foundation

How to Create a sysfs File Correctly

Greg Kroah-Hartman

One common Linux kernel driver issue that I see all the time is a driver author attempting to create a sysfs file in their code.
by Eric Brown

The Tizen-based tablet announced this week by Japan-based Shisutena is the first formally announced Tizen device. The surprisingly powerful slate suggests not only that Tizen is about more than just Samsung smartphones, but that the mobile Linux OS is not afraid to go head to head with Android on the high end.
by Carla Schroder

Awk and Sed are powerful text processors that run circles around bloaty word processors. We're going to use them to customize the Bash prompt, add and remove line numbers, insert commas in long numbers, and perform all manner of experiments without endangering our source files.
by Libby Clark  

The absence of a high-level programming language, akin to Java or Python, for writing parallel code is hindering progress toward exascale supercomputing. Parallel programming is harder to learn than traditional serial programming and has remained a specialized skill that few developers are trained to do. 
by Ben Martin

The BeagleBone Black (BBB) provides a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 with 512Mb of RAM and 2Gb of eMMC flash from which you can run a GNU/Linux system around a 3.8 Linux Kernel. Throw ethernet, HDMI, and a load of IO pins into the mix and you have a little machine that straddles the border between embedded Linux and the Arduino world. 
by Daniel Chapman

The chase was looking really good until it came to a screeching halt in Moscow....

Featured Video Content

In this Linux training course video, Chris Simmonds, instructor for Introduction to Embedded Android Development and Inside Android: An Intro To Android Internals (LF315), shares how you can get the Android operating system working on an embedded device..  You'll learn some of the advantages and key challenges you'll run into when embedding Android on a device.  

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