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viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2019

Become a certified Oracle Certified Digital Assistant (Chatbot) Expert by Rubén Rodríguez

Oracle Digital Assistant provides the platform and tools to easily build AI-powered assistants that connect to your backend applications. A digital assistant uses artificial intelligence for natural language processing and understanding, to automate engagements with conversational interfaces that respond instantly, improve user satisfaction, and increase business efficiencies.

Why to become a certified Oracle expert? Reasons to Invest in Oracle Certifications:

Gain a competitive advantage by developing a skill set that’s in demand, worldwide.
Join the 80% of Oracle certification holders who reported a promotion, salary increase or other career improvements.
Access a secure digital badge you can add to your social media profiles.

How to become a certified Oracle Digital Assistant Expert?

Training Material This page brings together resources for delivery and uptake of Oracle Digital Assistant. This material is a complete end-to-end leanring library including product features and best practices for developing chatbot skills and digital assistants.

Developer Community Regular Oracle Digital Assistant information including sales kits, training’s and marketing material.

Slack Channel Ask your ODA questions and get support from our technical experts.

“Oracle Digital Assistant drives innovation & digitalization of our customers. As a certified Oracle expert our customers are ensured that we deliver successful Chatbot projects.”

Rubén Rodríguez
Oracle ACE Director
Cloud & Mobile Solution Specialist

For regular information become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please visit: ( OPN account required). If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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